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Educational Seminars
Identifying Levels of Emotional Overlays

Presented by     Dr. Mitchell Corwin, DC

Date:       July 7th
Time:      9:00am to 6:00pm

[Introductory Seminar]
     July 6th. 
Time:      2:00pm to 6:00pm

Location:   Adjacent to
 Palmer Campus~Davenport
121 W. 12th Street
Davenport Iowa

Monday Seminar
Fees:      Students  $65
               Docs         $95

Introductory Sunday Seminar
Fees:      Students   Free
                Docs         Free

not required but appreciated
Fees will be collected
at the door 
(Check ~ Credit Card okay)

Hands-on one day seminar using Neural Organization Technique protocols to categorize 5 levels of emotional stress and their correction.  Learn how to quickly recognize and interpret these 5 states and how to swiftly neutralize it.
This technique can be combined with other emotional clearing methods.
... also
 Half day optional introductory seminar discussing the foundational principles  and theory of Neural Organization Technique.  This in-depth discussion will
 include treatment demonstrations.
 This Seminar is geared towards upper trimester students/clinicians.
 The material covered does not include / require spinal adjustments.
 Doctors in the field are also encouraged to attend as there will be plenty of  
 material to incorporate into immediate clinical practice.
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* Download a preview of the Seminar Workbook for Monday's Seminar on "Emotional Overlays" (pdf file)

* Download a preview of the Seminar Workbook for Sunday's Seminar on "Neural Organization Technique" (pdf file)

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