Thank you for your participation in this questionnaire survey.  This survey is anonymous and no identifying information is collected. (my apologies for this survey being in English)
You may respond in your native language.

    It is coming up to 9 years for the monthly research report and I have heard from many practitioners ...thank you!
I do anticipate continuing however I would like additional feedback to focus more on topics that everyone is interested in.
Please note that there may be occasionally missed months.

    It has been a learning curve for me; as you may have noticed significant improvement in audio & video presentations over time. Neural Organization Technique like all modern healthcare modalities are constantly improving with updated information and  N.O.T. is no different.  Many would like it to stay the same as developed in the 1980's-90's however stagnant methods are often forgotten and left behind.  There has been significant advances in many healthcare modalities and it behooves NOT to stay concurrent and incorporate now knowledge as it becomes available.

    That is one of the primary missions for these monthly research reports, to stay current with today's knowledge base and generally increase the competency of our worldwide practitioners.

    I suggest you quickly read through the survey questionnaire first to get an idea of what you would like to express as many questions may overlap in theme.

    Thank you for the letting me be part of you academic experience.  If you have not completed our member application process, you are encouraged to do so as it will result in a listing on the public website page.  Presently only licensed practitioners can be listed even if you completed the application (no fees involved).
Survey Questionnaire
What area(s) of N.O.T. are not working for you?
What topic would you like to see covered in greater detail?
Would you like to see more emphasis on Theory?
Would you like to see more emphasis on treatment?
Would you like to see more emphasis on diagnosis/evaluation?
Would you like to see greater detail and explanation of individual steps?
Would you like to see more:  Video, Audio, Lecture format?
Would you like to see specific discussion on how to treat specific conditions?
Would you like to see more discussion on patient education/explanation?
Do you believe N.O.T. should focus in a different direction, i.e. emphasize or de-emphasize specific concepts?
Are N.O.T. protocols to lengthy to implement?
Would you like to see more discussion on what protocols can be implemented independent of each other?
Would you like to see more discussion on what protocols are indicated for specific conditions?
...List some conditions / Illnesses:
Do you find the monthly research reports helpful
And do you regularly follow them?
Suggestions on improving Video presentations.
Do you like the acronym N.O.T.   other suggestions?
What do you think your patients or colleagues think?
Do you believe the direction of the monthly reports are to clinical, esoteric, or energy medicine methods?
If you are interested in attending future seminars, discuss what topics, format/series  (how many days, preferred locations, Instructor(s), etc.
Are you willing to promote a seminar locally?
What aspect of N.O.T. would you be interested in learning more of.
Thank you for completing this survey questionnaire.
Happy Holidays
Do you believe N.O.T. should emphasize or follow a different direction?
Presently there are four N.O.T. organizations world-wide. This organization (N.O.T.I.P. is for licensed Docs.  Do you believe N.O.T. I.P. should remain separated from the others?
Would you like to hear from other N.O.T. instructors?  on any specific topics?
If one has a challenging case would you like see a case discussion?   Submit an email, video clip?
If the practitioner or patient is local, the session can be video taped for personal instructional use.
There are advanced N.O.T. protocols I developed that address systemic issues ranging from mercury toxicity, candida, adrenal~thyroid, heart & vascular issues, herpes viruses, etc.  Is there interest in these topics and which ones?
Would you like to see more discussion around learning challenges and associated brain chemistry issues?
What do you believe the present organization should focus more on?
Do you wish to participate at an organization level and what you would like to contribute?
Additional Comments?